Influencer Monitoring

One portal dedicated to tracking all your Influencer content on Instagram stories and posts in one place.

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Manual Tracking is Over.

Gone are the days of manually tracking influencer's stories for posts of your brand. Track all the stories and posts from the influencers you are working with without a second thought.

monitor by influencer list

All the Influencers your agency or brand works with will be tracked for you and compiled into one live dashboard. 

monitor by region

All the top Instagram Influencers stories in your region are simultaneously tracked for you.

Save your Insta stories. 

Beyond 24 hours.

No more racing to screenshot an Influencers story. With all your brand's image and video stories captured for you. Saved forever.

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Get more out of your mentions.

Instead of having your Influencers screenshotted stories sit in your document folders, see your mentions in a dynamic dashboard with evaluation insights to instantly help you identify the bigger picture trends.

quick insights

Top Influencers posting about your brand
Understand which Influencers are increasing your ROI
Instantly identify the number of stories and posts you are generating for any selected date range.

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