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Benefits of Market View Online

We have been working in the data analytics, public relations, advertising and marketing industry for over 15 years. Unlike global monitoring companies, we understand what makes Australian and New Zealand brands unique. We specialise in the Australian and New Zealand media space. We know the lingo, channels and influencers that will talk about your brand before you do. 

“Market View Online's tools have saved my team so much time on tedious manual tasks that we
have now been able to automate."

Customer Service

Run by real people, we are always an email away to provide you with any insights you might need surrounding our tool or the market itself. 

Aussie and NZ Expertise

Our knowledge and experience of the Australian and New Zealand market cannot be matched. Our platforms and services are tailormade for local brands. 

Constant Innovation

Our clients benefit from the constant innovation of our tool. Allowing us to stay ahead of the media landscape. 

Our products and services

The monitoring and evaluating tools we can provide for your brand, agency or enterprise.

Media Monitoring

Online & Social Insights

All your Online, Instagram posts, Instagram stories, YouTube, Facebook, Forums and Twitter mentions in one live dashboard.

Tracking all ANZ sites and blogs
Updating every 15 minutes

Ratings & Reviews

Compiling your brand's ratings and reviews from a number of ANZ sites into one dashboard. See how your products are performing.

See how your products are rated
Understand the customers wants

Influencer Stories and Posts

See all the Instagram stories and posts mentioning your brand from the top AU and NZ influencers all in one dashboard. 

Save the stories beyond 24-hours
Track stories automatically

Media Evaluation

Monthly Brand Performance

All your brand's mentions across online, social and print for the month compiled into one automated report. Evaluating your success against KPI's (reach, engagement etc). 

Understand your evolution
Automated monthly reporting

AD-HOC Campaign Evaluation

All your social, online, print and broadcast mentions surrounding a campaign independently evaluated for you and compiled into one live, sharable report. 

Downloadable reports
Same link regardless of updates

Market and Competitor Insights

Competitor Monitoring

See which online sites, blogs, publications and influencers are talking about your competitors. Understand what is driving their sales.

Understand competitor strategy
See what is driving their ROI

Industry Performance

Understand your share of voice compared to the rest of the market. See which brands are creating more or less buzz and engagement than you. 

Understand your market share
Identify your closest competitors

Media Landscape Insights

Understand the overall landscape for brands across online, social and print. Identify larger media trends and specific insights into platform engagement. 

Stay ahead of market trends
Beat your competition
Powered by AI

Media Monitoring

We track and analyse every mention for your brand across online and social, compiling them into live dashboards that update every 15 minutes. Not only does our monitoring tool track, capture, and analyse all your brand's relevant mentions. Our dashboard's also highlight influencer activities, consumer insights, trending topics, and products.

Digital monitoring

All your Online, Instagram posts, Instagram stories, YouTube, Facebook, Forums and Twitter mentions all in one place. 

brand insights

Instantly see the top sites and influencers talking about your brand. Identify your trending topics and products, sentiment around your brand, engagement over time and so much more. 

measure your success

Media Evaluation

Understand which channels are driving your mentions, value, reach, engagement and ultimately sales. 

independent evaluations

Evaluate your campaigns and monthly brand performance. 


Benchmark your brand's media marketing performance. Understand whether you are improving your ROI.

the bigger picture

Market and Competitor Insights

Conduct competitor research and understand how your competition is performing. Benchmark your brand against your closest competitors.  

understand your competitor's media strategy

See what is driving your competitor's sales, influencer activity, product launches and campaigns. 

understand what is driving your competitor's ROI

See which sites, channels and influencers are talking about your competitors. 

informed decisions

Advanced Insights

Give yourself the advantage, automate your monitoring and evaluation. Make informed decisions about your media market strategy through our market and competitor insights. 

Understand the value of media monitoring

For Brands
For Agencies
For Enterprises

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