Sample Report

This space is where you can add a little summary/personalised blurb of your campaign whether it was a PR send out, event, product or brand launch etc. 

You can discuss anything from ROI on a campaign, key dates, key attendees, where the event was held, the objective/ goal of the campaign or even what happened after the campaign? Increase in sales

Use this space as a way to showoff. 


Total Mentions

Total number of Mentions across Online, Social, Print and Broadcast


Unique Reach

Total Unique Reach across Online (monthly unique visitors), Social (followers), Print (readership) and Broadcast (audience)


Total Impressions

Total Number of Impressions across Social, Online, Print and Broadcast


Total Engagement

Total Engagement across Social - Instagram (likes, views and comments), Facebook (likes and comments), Twitter (retweets), YouTube (likes, views and comments)


Total Ad Value

Total Ad Value across Online, Social, Print and Broadcast


Total PR Value

PR Value is calculated by using a multiple of 3 x Ad Value

Media Mentions Unique Reach Impressions Ad Value PR Value
Print 11 3,972,338 3,972,338 $10,473 $31,420
Broadcast 3 1,500,000 1,500,000 $35,408 $106,224
Online 13 577,351 711,991 $7,120 $21,360
Social Media 112 7,464,694 6,547,467 $162,533 $487,598
Grand Total 139 13,514,383 15,099,754 $215,534 $646,602
Site Mentions Unique Visitors Impressions PR Value,515295,515$8,865,641269,282$8,078,93770,937$2,128,57128,571$857,47924,479$734,45113,451$404,1095,109$153,6311,631$49
Grand Total13577,351711,991$21,360
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